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Version 5.2 - 01/28/19


  • New Theme: Froala (Pro)
  • Compatibility Mode toggle added to settings - Adds compatibility for Froala Design Blocks and SP Page Builder
  • Pro Compatibility Mode toggle added to settings - Adds compatibility for Sellacious (Pro)
  • New classes: .btn-rounded and .nav-justified
  • MDBootstrap updated to 4.7.0
  • FontAwesome upgraded to 5.6.3
  • Micon updated to 3.0.168
  • Scroll Animation toggle added to settings
  • Page Transition toggle added to settings
  • Micon toggle added to settings
  • Empty sidebars, precontent and postcontent no longer render
  • Added ID tags to #precontent and #postcontent


  • Zerus Theme: Menu arrows tweaked (Pro)
  • Winter Theme: Text shadows tweaked (Pro)
  • Neat Theme: Removed alternating section background (Pro)
  • Material Theme: Tweaked page background and navigation hover (Pro)
  • Default page width increased to 1000px from 900px
  • Sidebar items now center by default
  • Cards in groups and decks now justify space-between by default
  • Page transitions now respect dark mode
  • Joomla Article Button no longer interferes with layout
  • .lw-gradline now has a default width
  • Outline buttons now reverse when hovered


  • .btn-ouline-light and .btn-outline-dark
  • .btn-outline-primary and .btn-outline-secondary border thickness
  • Bug: Scrollbars in Mobile Navigation
  • Safari bug: Nav menu scrolling
  • Safari bug: fixed images now scroll instead of being invisible
  • Modals now obey themes and modes

Version 5.1 - 01/14/19


  • Theme: Zerus - An old favorite returns!
  • Theme: Neat - A rework of the old theme Slush!
  • Theme: Ubuntu - Reworked.
  • Micon and Font Awesome classes can now be applied to links (and therefor Joomla menus) directly.
  • Place an MDB Carousel into a .lw-hero with a fixed size to activate cover mode and not rely on image sizes.
  • Font size increased slightly on mobile.
  • Image sizing - max-width:100% by default
  • Joomla Tags Styling


  • MDBootstrap updated to 4.6.1
  • Added color pickers to settings page
  • .lw-menu li - padding tweaks
  • Adjusted content panel padding
  • Added padding to sidebars
  • Minor template tweaks and polish


  • Scroll Animations
  • Micon Font
  • Links in .lw-darken/.lw-lighten sections
  • Form control sizing/spacing
  • NavLogo bug

LiquidWinter has been split into two versions: Free and Pro

Version 5.0 - 12/27/18


  • Theme, page width, background and mode can now be set via Template options in Joomla
  • Light and Dark Mode (.lw-dark, .lw-light)
  • LW Square Rows
  • .lw-gradient can be combined with any background-color
  • Gradient's can now be applied to text: lw-gradient-text gradient-grape
  • Gradient: Grape
  • Javascript browser detection


  • Rewritten Navigation with animation
  • All themes have been rewritten
  • .lw-vmenu and .lw-hmenu completely re-written and renamed. New naming scheme: .lw-menu (horizontal left), .lw-menu-r (horizontal right), .lw-menu-v (vertical left), .lw-menu-v-r (vertical right)
  • .lw-text-shadow and .lw-text-shadow-white improved
  • Background system simplified. Some backgrounds lightened.
  • .lw-fixed-cover renamed .lw-bg-fixed
  • MDBootstrap updated to 4.5.16


  • Button appearance in Chrome
  • Multi-article rows

And much more!

Version 4.7 - 6/21/18

  • MDBootstrap updated to 4.5.5
  • jQuery updated to 3.3.1
  • Font-Awesome upgraded to 5.1
  • Default style updates - No theme is now a viable option.
  • Added Joomla error message support
  • ID's added to header and footer
  • New snippet - "Under the Rug" Parallax Footer
  • New snippet - "Page Transition"
  • Azure Theme - Bold removed from headers
  • Position: Relative added to hero sections
  • Theme: Seven - Added article borders for blog layouts

Version 4.6 - 5/18/18

  • MDBootstrap updated to 4.5.2
  • New class - lw-hero - Creates a centered flex-column hero section with a minimum height.
  • Revamped darken and lighten bg (lw-darken-bg-10, lw-darken-bg-25, lw-darken-bg-50, lw-lighten-bg-10, lw-lighten-bg-25, lw-lighten-bg-50)
  • New text classes
    • lw-text-shadow - adds a shadow similar to lw-photo-text
    • lw-text-shadow-white - adds a white shadow behind text
  • New Theme - Seven
  • New Background - Wood
  • New Gradient - Midnight
  • lw-color - Now repeats infinitely and has associated css variables.  (--lwc1 thru --lwc8)
  • Sidebars now sticky by default
  • Sidebars now default to max-width 25%
  • Max-Width applied to NavBar by default
  • Removed snowflake favicon from download
  • Winter Blue and Royal themes updates with new NavBar hover effects
  • Slush-Burnt updated with custom lw-color
  • Increased compatibility with running multiple versions of bootstrap.
  • Bug Fixes:
    • Updated Jquery, Font-Awesome and Joomla References
    • Fixed a NavBar bug on the Slush themes
    • <b> and <strong> now set text to "bold" not "bolder"

Version 4.5 - 2/6/18

  • MDBootstrap Upgraded to Version 4.4.5
  • New Horizontal Rule Style - lw.gradline
  • New Template - Fluent-Azure
  • New Gradients - Plum, Summer
  • Royal Template
    • Font Updates
    • Added a borderline to the topnav
  • Fixed a bug with bootstrap pagination integration

Version 4.4 - 9/28/17

  • New Features
    • Added gradient color palettes
    • Added smart image float classes
      • .lw-smartfloat-left, .lw-smartfloat-right
  • MDBootstrap upgraded to version 4.4
    • Completely rewritten code
    • Updated jQuery to 3.2.1
    • Replaced Tether.js with Popper.js
    • Dropped wow.js for custom library
  • Bug Fixes
    • Increased IE compatibility
    • Added grey back-ups for css variables due to IE incompatibility
    • Fixed a bug with background masking (lw-darken-bg) and non-positioned elements.
    • Fixed some inconsistencies with lw-reverse and lw-reverse-accent.
    • Fixed a transparent UX stacking issue on mobile.
  • Style Changes
    • Content panel increased to 1100px (fixed) from 1000px (fluid).
    • Sidebar default size removed, and no longer increase the size of the content panel.
  • Template Modifications
    • New Template - Royal
    • Winter Night - Shadow added to headers.
    • Ubuntu - Removed > from navigation links and breadcrumbs.
    • Material Dark/Light - Increased hover effect on links.  Font and color tweaks.  Removed arrow for submenus.
    • Metro-Hot - Color changes.
    • Royal Bold Removed